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About me

I am a hardworking team player. I am fascinated by cities and am excited to be a part of a team that works to make them excellent places to live. I am Currently Studying in Kansas City, learning all I can about Urban Planning and Design. I've learned a lot from the Classroom, but the city itself is a good teacher as well. I have been able to compare and contrast the ideas and theories learned with the everyday experiences of the citizen.

Land Based Classification System

For this Project our class as a whole set out surveying the Main Street Corridor, from 31st to 51st, along Baltimore and Walnut as well.  Armed with clipboards and a detailed guide of the Land Based Classification Standards categories we began the tedious process of categorizing the parcels we were assigned. The LBCS is broken down into subcategories to help classify the details about the particular piece of land. The categories are Activity, Function, Structure, Site, and  Ownership. Activity refers to the use of the land based upon its observable characteristics. The most common activities in the corridor were Residential and Commercial. The second category is Function, this relates to how the parcel of land operates in terms of money. This helps with classifying the way a building is used and the impact it can have on the surrounding buildings. The economic function is separate from the activity although there can be some correlation. Structure refers to the type of building or str…