I enjoyed the initial research steps, taking pictures of a walk. I just set out on my bike and rode around until I found something of interest. The Walk down 43rd street would have been a good choice as well, however a mile long walk was too long in my opinion. Plus I wanted a more urban experience. As I kept exploring I ended up in the crossroads. Getting of the bus I looked around at what intrigued me. First of all I stopped at the juice place on main st, and then walked around in search of adventure. I could see the skyline in the distance, and it beckoned me to travel north. I veered slightly of-course(not that I was really headed anywhere besides the overall direction of downtown), turning left on 18th street, one of my favorite streets in Kansas City. The TWA rocket is a favorite landmark of mine so I always enjoy riding or walking near it. As I continued west, I noticed an alley with some graffiti. As I approached it more and more of the colors and design became visible to me. I have visited this alley many times and I enjoy it every time. It’s very nice portal in KC, a narrow pathway in a world of broad boulevards. I just wished it led somewhere; that’s where the inspiration for the intervention came.
A pen and ink rendering of the Sequences

The map of the route.
My idea for how to improve the vacant lot.